What We do

CGI for Photography

CGI for Products

CGI for Print

CGI has come a long way throughout the years, more recently we are able to create CGI Imagery that is completely indistinguishable from the real product. We are now able to work with photographers to shoot their plate photography and worry about how you want to showcase your product later, giving your more options to choose from as well as not being limited to one image of your product.

CGI Imagery has given us the flexibility on creating virtual worlds. Virtual world that make it possible to be somewhere without having to physically be there. What does that mean for you? We are able to create a world based off of ideas of where you want to showcase your product. Dont have a set to showcase your product? We will create it for you.

Play CGI is able to create custom images for your print needs, whether you need a billboard or you need a flyer. CGI has made it possible to give you an exact print of the size you would like to showcase your product in. Need a CGI print of your product? No problem tell us your custom dimensions and you will have a final product ready for print.


What we handle

CG Animation and VFX

We specialize in created 3d environments and animations that enhance your products, as well as giving you more options to showcase your product, weather it be  photo real or stylized rendering.

CAD Data and CAD modeling

We handle your products CAD data when available to make your product indistinguishable from the physical product. Dont have CAD Data? We will create it for you.

Environment/Product Modeling

Rendering Optimization

Rendering Optimization

Lighting Development

Asset Development